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There is broad global consensus within our scientific community that humanity most definitely does not yet possess anywhere near all the technologies & methodologies, it is going to need if it is to have any chance of overcoming the enormous adaptation & mitigation challenges of climate change.

Only by initiating, & relentlessly supporting, a decade or more of intense Global Research & Development, totally focused on developing the leading edge technologies & methodologies needed across all sectors of the Government, Industry & community, can humankind ever hope to triumph over the horrendous impacts of climate change.

Critical Strategies of the Climate Change Research Directory


When complete, the Climate Change Research Directory (CCRD) will be an easy accessible detailed global resource, which lists out exactly what research is being undertaken where in the world, by whom, across all fields of climate change mitigation & adaption.

However it is useless having all this critically important research being under taken, if the results & new technologies are not being communicated to the communities who need them most.


To ensure that latest climate change research results & technologies are being communicated almost immediately to the thousands of global communities in desperate need of solutions to their ever growing list of climate change problems, the CCRD is putting into place an extensive network of, 

"National & Municipal Focal Points"

which will directly link every city & town, in every country, to the thousands of world class climate change research centers participating in the CCRD.

Goals of the Climate Change Research Directory

  • To fast track the global Research & Development of negative & zero emissions technologies urgently required to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius

  • To stimulate the Research & Development of technologies & solutions which will assist humanity better adapt to its impending new global environment

  • To provide mechanisms & channels which will see another USD6 billion/year channeled into climate change mitigation & adaptation research


Compiling the Climate Directory

Every University, College, Research Centre, Fellow, Professor, Lecturer & Student in the world is encouraged to list their climate change mitigation & adaptation related research programs & undertakings on this free online Climate Change Directory.

Climate Directory Research Categories

It is critically important that every piece of research being done, in any field of study related to climate change mitigation & adaptation, is included within the directory.


These include but are not limited to, Negative Emissions Technologies - Carbon Capture & Storage - Renewable Energy - Energy Storage - Energy Management - E Vehicles - E Transport Systems - Energy Efficient Buildings - Energy Efficient Consumer Goods - Low Carbon Economies - Food & Water Security - Water Resource Management - Marine Biology - Maritime Transport - Fisheries - Marine Eco Systems - Coastal Management - Sustainable Development - Sustainable Cities - Urban Planning - Infrastructure & Engineering - New Urban Agenda - Aviation - Forestry - The Environment - Eco Systems - GIS - Disaster Risk Management - Climate Law - Meteorology - Chemistry - Flora & Fauna - Sustainability - etc.  to name but a few.

Seeding the Climate Change Research Directory

Each participating University, College, Research Center, etc, will be encouraged to get their researchers to submit all their climate change related research projects & programs online, directly into the data base.

Researchers can list projects at any stage of their research. They can be,

  • Existing programs which have already received initial seed funding & are now requesting further funding for their research.

  • Projects still in the planning stage which are looking for collaborators, partners, sponsors or grants.

  • Projects that have been completed and are looking for investors for the implementation or commercialization of the developed technologies or methodologies.

Listing on the Directory will not require Researchers to place any confidential or sensitive information regards the research online and should only take 10 minutes per project.

Researchers will simply be asked to list very basic details of their research on the Directory. Such as,

  • The name of Research Project

  • The name & contact details of Project Manager or Lead Researcher

  • University, Research Facility, etc where the research is being undertaken

  • The Research Question

  • A brief synopsis of the research

  • Stage of research

  • Funding Required (if any)

  • Any links or Files Researchers may wish to add

Global Benefits of the Climate Change Research Directory

Each week, every level of government, national, provincial, municipal & regional of every nation, be they developed or least developed, are faced with, and must find answers to, a vast array of climate change related problems, across an even greater array of community & economic sectors within their governance. Failing crops, drought, floods, storms, carbon emissions, transport, energy, urban planning, etc, etc. The list goes on and on.


The problem is no one government, no matter how large or rich, can have at their disposal, a host of world renowned experts & researchers, who possess all the answers they need to make informed decisions, required in each and every field of their economies which is being affected by climate change.


Government, industry & community leaders urgently need access to a resource which will allow them to easily identify & contact world class researchers & experts who are already researching the answers to, and solutions for climate change problems they may now be experiencing which they can partner or collaborate with.

The Climate Change Research Directory (CCRD) will,

  • Provide the communications & linkages for global research collaboration

  • A catalyst for developing a unified global approach to climate mitigation & adaptation research.

  • Governments faced with a mitigation or adaption problem can identify Researchers working in that particular field.

  • New Research Financiers can communicate and gain proposals from researchers across the globe.

National Benefits of the Climate Change Research Directory

  • Promote nation’s Innovation & Science Agenda.

  • Assist achieve nation’s Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC’s)

  • Draw young people into climate change research & innovation

  • Create new Research job opportunities at National Research facilities

  • Promotes nation’s identified Science & Research priority field of Environmental Change

  • Promotes nation as a leader in innovative Research for climate change

  • Reinforce the nation’s exemplar role in Research

  • Demonstrates nation’s proactive role in trying to find the solutions for climate change

  • National Industries & Community gain access to latest climate change innovations & technologies

  • Help further develop new national climate industries resulting from research.

  • Promotes strong Climate Change Research links between local & International research centers and universities

  • Attracts huge new investments into Research Centers delivering a 10,000:1 return on investment

  • Opportunity to promote nation’s International Education & Research Sector

  • Assist increase nation’s productivity, sustainable economic growth and job creation

CCRD Focal Points


Each participating country, state, province, & city of the Climate Change Research Directory (CCRD) will appoint their own CCRD Focal Point.

Each Focal Point, via the global network of CCRD Focal Points, will link their local researchers & government, with researchers and research centers, across all climate change mitigation & adaptation fields, locally, nationally & globally.


Focal Points will also organize local programs aimed at encouraging more young people from their community to take up climate change research & development career paths, and attract more funding and international collaboration into local research projects.

Benefits for Funders of Climate Change Research


  • A single point of contact to send out information & requests for proposal for research funding globally.

  • Create awareness & promote all the different climate funds to researchers

Benefits for Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation Researchers

  • Much easier access to funding for research nationally & international

  • Can spend more time on their climate research rather than searching the world for funding

  • Gain access to corporations interested in commercializing their research findings


Corporate Benefits of the Climate Change Research Directory

  • Provides a single point of contact for identifying new technologies corporations may want to adopt or commercialize.

  • Provides a single point of contact for industries looking to collaborate or partner with a Research Institution to develop a new technology.


Surely one of the most important global initiatives in humanity’s fight against climate change


Upon registering Universities will be able to give access to all Research Centers, Fellows, Professors, Lecturers Staff, Students & Alumni involved in research at anyone of their campuses.

Each Registered University can list an unlimited number of Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation Research Projects within the Directory.

Individual Researchers not affiliated with a University can register their Projects here




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