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The WCCC first & foremost looks to increase the uptake of leading edge climate change mitigation & adaption technologies within Countries & Communities by way of building strong relationships between Climate Industries & Government Decision Makers.


To underscore the importance the WCCC places on these relationships we are delighted to share with new members, the feedback it receives from existing industry & government partners regularly.

“As a Small Island Developing State our survival is at stake due to the real dangers of climate change which are causing sea-level rises and frequent extreme weather events. Therefore there is a need to beef up and strengthen our capacity to combat this global challenge.


So the Program has come at an opportune time and the Global community must act now to minimize the adverse effects of climate change creating significant loss and damage to our small economy”.

Mr. Wills Agricole

Principal Secretary
Ministry of Environment & Energy




“Albania is a developing country, which is on its way to EU integration, but on the other side facing the urgent need of development.
It is very important for us to create a pull of young Albanians, who have gained knowledge related to climate change topic. Such a hot topic is not only relevant but also crucial especially for countries that need industrialization like we are”.

Mrs. Ardiana Sokoli

Director of EU Integration & Coordination
Ministry of Environment




“Capacity development is key to strengthening the operations of Government. Kiribati will immensely benefit from highly qualified technical staff from this Program, who will be able to advance solutions to the problems in Kiribati of Climate Change."

Mr. Jason Reynolds

Director, National Economic Planning Office

Ministry of Finance & Economic Development




“Very very important given Government raised ambition to accelerate coordinated actions as adopted as one of seven national goals of the Tonga Strategic Development Framework 2015-25 having considered Tonga's vulnerabilities to climate change."

Mr. Tatafu Moeaki

CEO Ministry of Finance
& National Planning






Through strong linkages with the decision makers of Developing Countries WCCC will bring to fruition US$5-7 billion of Climate Change Projects each year, across all Climate Change adaptation & mitigation industry sectors, in Developing Countries & Small Island States.

“Climate change issues being new, it is imperative that capacities are built and enhanced so as to implement programmes and projects in an efficient and effective manner and achieve the desired results.”

Mr. Chola Chabala

Director for National Planning Ministry of Finance
National Planning Department




“Climate Change will impact different communities in many ways. This initiative from the Global scientific Community is well come to make the world aware of how pervasive climate change is going to be with respect all life on our planet.”

Mr. Kadio AHOSSANE, (PhD)

Head of the Technical Climate Change Bureau Ministry of Environment, Urban Sanitation
& Sustainable Development, National Program of Climate Change




“As a Least Developed Country, in the core of Sahel, my country Niger is highly vulnerable to the adverse impacts of Climate Change conjugated in drought and desertification. It is of great importance for us if we have adequate technical and financial support to train young people in these issues.
This Programme will indeed assist our country to improve much needed skills on Climate Change by bringing us a critical mass of practitionners on the matter."

Dr. Kamaye Maazou

Executive Secretary of National Council of Environment for Sustainable Development Prime Minister's Office




“I would like to express the interest of Morocco to be part of this program”

Mr. Rachid Firadi

Chef de la Division de la Coopération Internationale - Direction du Partenariat
De la Communication et de la Coopération Ministère délégué chargé de - Environnement


“We are please to inform you that we are very interested in the program.”

Mr. Viriato Luís Soares Cassamá



“We greatly appreciate the information on the World Climate Change Challenge initiative and express our readiness to collaborate with your organization in such a valuable and essential way for the Kyrgyz Republic activities.”

Mr. Sabir Atadjanov

Agency of Environment




“With the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) France as a key strategic partner, Audencia has incorporated research and teachings on environmental and social challenges into all curriculum across the board. This work is consolidated and promoted through its dedicated Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility. In December 2015, Audencia students took part in talks leading up to the signing of the Paris Climate Accord at COP21; ensuring the voice of today’s young generation is heard. “… for its sustained commitment and achievement in CSR – and the leadership it has shown in that regard.” EQUIS 2015 “the School’s dedication to its deserved reputation for corporate social responsibility and business ethics, throughout its portfolio, is impressive.” AMBA 2015”
“The University of Waterloo is home to world-changing research and teaching and its global reputation for excellence and innovation attracts some of the most inspiring and creative students and researchers in the world.”
“Centrale Nantes, top engineering Institution in France recruits each year the best students from every corner of the globe to deliver them the topnotch Education at the Master's level. In cooperation with our industrial corporate partners, we provide all the engineering skills and soft skills that enable the student to build a brilliant international career and face the greatest challenges particularly in Climate change. The challenge of addressing climate change is at the forefront of our efforts, as are the issues of environmental justice and global inequalities.”
“The goal of West Virginia University is to provide a platform for students and stakeholders from sectors such as energy, agriculture, human health, commerce, water resources, air quality, human communities, forestry and others to cooperatively, and with a hands-on approach address intellectual questions such as defining research needs for improving estimates of global vulnerabilities, understanding the consequences of climate variability and change, and analyzing viable response options.”
“Our Research Areas focus to address the issues raised by areas such as Sustaining Food, Water, and the Environment, Building Healthier Communities, Transforming Human Societies, Understanding Disease, and finally promoting Sports, exercise and recreation. We are confident that through the excellent research undertaken in these areas will address the impacts brought forward by Climate Change.”
“The University of West Alabama is pleased to submit its application to become a Partner University participating with the World Climate Change Challenge. UWA’s faculty and administration share your concern about the environment our future generations will face as our global climate continues to change. Indeed, from an academic standpoint, studying the effects of climate change on our natural environment has become one of our university’s chief missions in the last few decades.”
“The New School Driven by its mission to confront real-world problems through bold and creative solutions, The New School is tackling this global crisis head on. This year, the university will pursue a comprehensive plan to address climate change, including full divestment of fossil fuels. We are excited to partner with WCCC to develop a new force of climate workers across industry sectors.”
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