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The WUHAN FANGKASI OFFSHORE is a global renewable energy development group dedicated to assisting all levels of government in Developing Nations and Small Island States develop a wide range of Renewable Energy Industries & Projects which will increase their nation’s capacity, know how & ability to overcome the unique generational challenges Climate Change is sure to present to their people & nation in the coming decades.


WUHAN FANGKASI OFFSHORE actively engages with both industry & government partners to ensure the individual & shared objectives of the strategic climate change alliance, for both, are achieved.

In addition WUHAN FANGKASI OFFSHORE offer its professional services to any global Employer, EPC(I) and or
Detailed Designer or classification group who wants to develop an Onshore and/or Offshore wind farm globally.
Cooperation & Collaboration are the pillars of the WUHAN FANGKASI OFFSHORE Management Team’s Industry
Development philosophy & strategy.


Our Team

Each member of the WUHAN FANGKASI OFFSHORE Management Team is a passionate advocate for the development & implementation of innovative renewable energy initiatives & solutions.


With a combined experience of more than 45 years developing industries and advising governments, and sharing a common vision of how to take on and overcome the enormous challenges of climate change, our team is dedicated to proactively developing the skills, resources and relationships, between climate industries, educational institutions and the governments of Developing Nations and Small Island States, so as to facilitate the unrestrained transfer of knowledge & technologies between all parties.

The latest years it can be mentioned that we have participated in developing five offshore windfarms located in
Europe and Asia.
Specifically experienced in providing services within wind offshore:

  • Developing onshore Wind farms in Vietnam

  • Developing offshore windfarms in Vietnam

  • Management and developing of the Foundation Package as BOP Foundation Package

  • Management of Wind offshore Foundation fabrication Contracts

  • Management of Detailed Design to approval

  • Location and investigation of High-quality Foundation manufacturers in Asia

  • Management of fabrication on-site QHSSE

  • Management of transport from Fabrication to Marshalling site incl. finalise with local content

  • Developing the Foundation Marshalling Harbour inclusive local content involvement

Typically services for developing and construction a SOLAR VILLAGE world-wide:


All nations urgently require scores of Solar Farms to be constructed within their borders. However each Solar
Farm takes up hundreds of hectares of valuable farming or residential land at a time when food production and
housing for the poor, are major concerns for governments.

- Consists of,
- Sustainable Technologies Providers which are keen to incorporate their energy, storage, water, waste,
recycling, lighting, etc solution into Solar Villages around the world.
- National Governments, Construction Companies, Property Developers & Town Planners of countries,
keen to duplicate the Solar Village in their nation.
- Global & National Development Organizations which are keen to assist governments implement
innovative, sustainable community development projects.


The WUHAN FANGKASI OFFSHORE solution is to integrate solar farms and low income housing into single
Sustainable Solar Village Projects which can be built almost anywhere in the world which, 

  • Provide high quality affordable housing for low income families.

  • Generate affordable electricity for low income families and those trying to break the cycle of poverty

through small business.

  • Sell excess electricity to the national grid to support a larger community.

  • Utilize specially designed flat concrete roofs atop hundreds of specially designed terraced style

housing & commercial spaces to install highly productive and easy to maintain Solar Arrays.

  • Take up no more land /MW of solar generation that traditional ground mounted solar farms.

  • Can vary in size from a small community of 150 housing units with 1MW of solar generation on their

roofs, to a small city of 15,000 housing units with 100MW of solar generation on their roofs.

Specifically within Shipbuilding


  • Project Director management of Installation Vessel

  • Overall project control of large offshore cable installation vessels

  • Detailed Planning and Cost during Fabrication

  • Shipbuilding management of special vessels for Immersion Tunnels incl. Basic Design


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