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Final List of Participating Universities

With each of our 42 participating Developing Countries receiving USD4 million for scholarships, the WCCC will be submitting proposals to the GCF for USD168 million of funding in 2016. As the WCCC allocates USD1 million of scholarships to each participating University, the WCCC can finally announce the exact number of participating universities & colleges it will allow to register for 2016.

That number is of course 168 Universities & Colleges.

The WCCC already has 125 registered participating Universities & Colleges. And the WCCC needs to hold back at least 10-15 slots for special purpose Universities. These will be Universities which are individually invited to join the program by the WCCC to fill any short falls in course offerings it may identify during the student enrollment phase of the program.

Therefore the WCCC will only be accepting registrations from another 28 Universities before it closes the registration page of its web site for 2016.

We look forward to welcoming these additional new Universities which will ensure the WCCC Scholarship Program is well positioned to offer University positions to a full complement of scholarship students from Developing Countries & Small Island States in the first round of the program.

Follow this link to find out more about the 2016 Scholarship Pilot Program Proposal. If you haven’t registered your University to participate yet you can REGISTER HERE.

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