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WCCC to Fast Track Vietnam - Renewable Energy Consortium

In light of the Green Climate Fund’s latest appeal for high-quality, environmentally sound transformational renewable energy projects that can truly improve the lives of people in developing countries, especially the poor & most vulnerable, the WCCC intends to fast track the first group of projects of the Vietnam Renewable Energy Consortium so funding for these projects, worth an estimated USD500 million, can be signed off in 2016.

At the behest of the Prime Minister of Vietnam who has requested the Minister of Industry, Mr. Tran Tuan Anh to provide him an alternate plan to the current planned 40GW’s of Coal Fired Power Plants, the Vietnam Renewable Energy Consortium is bringing together a who’s, who of global Renewable Energy providers, consultants, operators, support & ancillary industries from all 10 renewable industry sectors, to put together & roll out a 40 GW Renewable Energy Plan for Vietnam.

The initial intention of the V-REC was to begin rolling out Phase One of the V-REC plan in 2017. However with the Green Climate Fund now actively looking for transformational renewable energy projects it can fund by the end of 2016, the WCCC has decided the V-REC needs to be in a position to submit the first group of pilot, or demonstration projects, in third quarter of 2016.

The WCCC already has a group of pilot wind, solar, geo-thermal, waste to energy & energy storage projects on its books in Vietnamese provinces, which are ideal pilot projects for Consortium members to undertake to prove the worth of the Renewable Energy Sector to the Prime Minister.

If you are a Renewable Energy Manufacturer, Capital Works Contractor, Engineer, Operator, Supplier, Maintainer, Consultant or Support Industry, which is keen to undertake Renewable Energy Projects in Vietnam, the Vietnam Renewable Energy Consortium represents a great opportunity. Click here to read more about the Consortium and it’s time table and register your interest.


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