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There Has Never Been a Better Opportunity for Renewable Energy SME’s to Expand

The Green Climate Fund has requested the private sector to put forth some new innovative ideas, solutions & technologies which will better increase the capacity of Developing Countries to fight climate change, for funding consideration. In any industry, including the climate industry sector of the global economy, innovative ideas, solutions & technologies are most abundant within the SME’s of the sector.

WCCC is in the process of bringing together a small number of global SME Renewable Energy, Water & Waste Product Manufacturers, Capital Works Contractors, Engineers, Operators, Maintainers, Consultants & Suppliers who are keen to take advantage of this funding opportunity to expand their company’s market reach into Developing Countries such as Vietnam.

WCCC will identify a project, or part thereof, suited to the strengths, capacities & products of each member of the ‘Climate Change SME Group’. Furthermore it will assist group members to write their bids, make their submissions & presentations, identify partners if need be, & secure finance for the projects.

70% of all global economic growth & 66% of Renewable Energy growth is now occurring in Developing Countries. If you have ever contemplated one day expanding your company’s innovative ideas, products, skills, technologies or solutions to overseas markets, you are never going to be presented a better opportunity than what is being offered today by WCCC.


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