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CN Members Chance to Participate in 200 - 400MW RE / Desal Project in Vietnam

WCCC with the help of partner industries, intends to design & construct 20 Renewable Energy / Water Desalination Plants in 20 of the worst affected cities & towns of the 2015-16 Vietnamese drought: the worst in the country’s recorded history. Viet Nam Drought and Saltwater Intrusion.pdf

The Renewable Energy Plants at each site, will vary in size from 1-40MW and will utilize different Renewable Energy Technologies: 5 SOLAR, 5 WIND, 5 GEO-THERMAL & 5 TIDAL/WAVE etc.

The importance of this project cannot be overstated. The results of each dual purpose RE/ Desalination plant will serve as working example of the different technologies, methodologies & financial models which can be utilized by 60 other Developing Countries in their effort to achieve water, food & energy security in their cities & towns suffering similar water shortages & droughts.

The argument for this decentralized multi-technology approach to RE /Water Desalination Plants in Developing Countries is based upon the following assumptions.

  • The local community should maintain some level of ownership in the RE-Water Purification Plant or Project by either,

  • Some or all Local Government Ownership

  • Some or all Local Community Ownership

  • A PPP with the Local Government

  • A Build Operate Transfer Agreement

  • During periods where the local grid has an excess of power each day, spare capacity from the RE plant will be utilized to operate the Water Purification Plant.

  • In the case of Geo-Thermal Plants latent heat & excess power generation will both be utilized to desalinate water. Viet Geo Thermal Potential.pdf

  • As the local community has some ownership & input into the operation of the RE Plant it can provide electricity for the community Water Purification plant at a much lower cost (in some cases free) than could be gained from the national electricity provider.

  • In times of extreme drought all energy from the RE Plant could be diverted to the Water Desalination/Purification Plant.

  • Long term power & water purchase agreements are to be put into place with each local Government.

  • Government will provide the land & tax concessions.

WCCC has already selected 20 cities & towns, of varying sizes, across Vietnam which were badly affected by the 2015-16 drought and the management team is now working closely with the local government officials of these towns to configure both their energy & water requirements.

If you are a WCCC partner which has a Renewable Energy or Desalination Technology which you believe could add value to this most important project please register your interest with our Vietnam Renewable Energy Consortium (VREC)

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