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Geothermal Energy Indonesia

(August 12th ) Archandra Tahar, who recently replaced Sudirman Said as Indonesia's new Energy and Mineral Resources Minister, informed that the government targets renewable energy to account for 23 percent of the nation's energy mix by 2025. Within the renewable energy sources, geothermal has great potential to contribute a significant portion. He added that the state-owned enterprises will have a big responsibility for the development of geothermal energy in Indonesia as private investors are hesitant to invest.

Mr Tahar went onto say, geothermal energy should be exploited by Indonesia to overcome the

nation's power deficit. Indonesia's total installed capacity of geothermal power is currently around 1,500 MW while an additional 750 MW is being constructed. However, within a decade the government targets to raise the country's installed capacity to 7,200 MW of geothermal power. To achieve this target much more geothermal power development is required.

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