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Expand Your Renewable Energy Franchise or Agent Network into Vietnam

WCCC has initiated an ambitious but very achievable project of establishing 50 new international Solar, Wind & Water Franchises & Agencies into Vietnam in 2016-17 time-frame. With a population of 95 million, the highest GDP growth rate of all of Asia, & import tariffs being reduced to near ‘ZERO’% in 2017, Vietnam has surely got to be one of the most attractive global locations for international Wind, Water & Solar Franchisors looking to increase their market share.

Without doubt Developing Countries such as Vietnam urgently need the leading edge technologies & methodologies of Renewable Energy & Water Purification industries from Developed Countries if they are to achieve their promised GHG emission reduction targets.

With a number of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Free Trade Agreements coming into full effect in 2017, the franchise market in Vietnam is set to boom; and international Renewable Energy Franchises & Agencies could well become the most prized business opportunities for young Vietnamese entrepreneurs looking for opportunities outside the more traditional food & beverage franchises such as Burger King & McDonalds which have poured into Vietnam in recent years.

The AEC Free Trade Agreements, which bring down import tariffs to near zero, will allow Renewable Energy Franchises in Vietnam to import equipment & product into the country very cost effectively.

Hence with no real existing competition in-country, WCCC is keen to assist its members identify new in-country Partners, Agents or Master Franchisees in Vietnam which will in turn deliver a substantial increase in the number of communities, businesses & households installing Renewable Energy & Water Systems.

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