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University & College Participation in WCCCSP

The World Climate Change Challenge Scholarship Program (WCCCSP) is based upon the premise that it should be a priority for all member countries of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to fund the education of young people from Developing Country’s & Small Island States so they can establish the Home Grown Climate Industries needed to fight the ongoing challenges of climate changes within their borders.

It is suggested that funding for the WCCCSP will be by way of two & one half percent (2.5%) of each Developed Country’s contribution to the Green Climate Fund.

The WCCCSP is open to Universities and Colleges in ALL Developed Countries

University & College Registration Officially closed December 31st 2016. However due to demand from Developing Countries the WCCC has reopened Registration for Universities & Colleges in all developed countries which are conducting,
  • Masters of Renewable Energy or Similar
  • Degree courses focused on Electrical Engineering or aspects of Renewable Energy
  • Diplomas (all levels) associated with any aspect of Renewable Energy
  • (See expanded list of studies below)

** After your Registration is received you will be emailed a link and password to up load your relevant courses. You are able to add or subtract courses at any time. 


The WCCCSP is specifically designed to significantly develop each Developing Nation’s human capacity and resources to take on the every growing challenges of climate change. Furthermore those already serving professionals employed in climate change related fields, who have the appropriate qualifications and determination, will be accorded the chance to dramatically increase their knowledge & experience by attending focused climate change studies at highly accredited international educational institutions.

Every Developing Country’s greatest natural resource in its future fight against climate change, will surely be its human capital and capacity.  And the best way to build the intrinsic capacity of any Developing Country, such that it will better positioned to face and overcome the enormous challenges climate change is destined to deliver to the nation and people, is to empower the people themselves with the knowledge and skill sets they are going to need to take on, and overcome, the wide array of challenges climate change will present to their nation and  people in the coming decades.


Renewable Energy in Developing Countries

Renewable Energy is the fastest growing climate change mitigation industry in every Developing Country. However Developing Countries do not yet possess within their borders, adequate skilled workers and professionals to install and operate solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, tidal and waste to energy power generation plants. Nor do they possess the educational institutions or academic scholars required to sufficiently educate their young people.

Renewable Energy Fields of Study

Renewable Energy and its ancillary industries are enablers for all community and industry sectors of a Developing Country's economy. Hence the young people of these nations are going to need to gain knowledge & experience across a vast array study fields. Including but not limited to:

  • Wind Energy

  • Concentrated Solar

  • PV Solar

  • Bio Mass Energy Generation

  • Waste to Energy

  • Tidal Energy Generation

  • Hydro Electric Generation

  • Geo-Thermal Electric Generation

  • Smart Grids

  • Battery & Other Energy Storage Systems

  • Environmental Impact Studies

  • Energy Management Systems

  • Infrastructure Design & Management

  • Urban Transport Management

  • Green Transport Technologies

  • Development of low-carbon economies

Returning Home Ready

Participating Universities, will be asked to place WCCCSP students into research internships,(or similar) during their semester breaks, in line with their selected field of study. This will ensure students returning home from studies will not only possess the knowledge gained from those studies, but also the hands on experience of their working internship. This will ensure students returning home from overseas study will return home ready to put their knowledge and developed skills into immediate action.

Full-Ride Scholarships

Scholarships will be awarded to students to complete their selected level of climate change related studies in the time specified by the University or College hosting the tuition.

Scholarships will be Full-Ride Scholarships for the duration of their studies covering student’s expenses for:

  • Tuition Fees (including Language classes if need be)

  • Books

  • Lab Fees

  • Room Rent

  • Weekly Food Allowance

  • Visas

  • Health Insurance

  • Return Airfares


Benefits for Participating Universities & Colleges

Climate Change is already a €1.5 trillion/year global industry. Participating Universities of the WCCC Scholarship Program will quickly:

  • Gain approximately 15 Full-Ride WCCCSP students per year for 5 years

  • Be recognized as, “THE” Universities to undertake climate related studies

  • Greater visibility & importance globally

  • Gain high quality international students who have excelled in studies at home to date

  • Teaching climate change studies globally; making a meaningful contribution to the global community

  • Be recognized for their contribution in assisting DC’s & SIS’s prepare to take on the enormous challenges of climate change

  • Opportunities for Climate Change Research & Development to be conducted at your University in conjunction with governments of DC & SIS

  • Build strong ties with the climate Industries & Governments of DC’s and SIS’s through relationships built with scholarship students

  • Opportunities for more collaboration with these countries as they become more developed

  • Logo placement on WCCC web site for 5 years

University Participation Fee: US$150/year (inc.VAT)

The WCCC has set a once only ‘University Participation Fee’ of US$750, ($150/year for the 5 years of the Program) 

Participating Universities & Colleges will be entitled to:

  • Five year Inclusion into the WCCC Scholarship Program

  • Full-Ride Scholarship Funding for approximately fifteen (15) young people from Developing Countries & Small Island States, for each of the five (5) intake years of the program, to complete their Diploma, Undergraduate, Graduate, Masters or PhD’s Climate Change related field of study at your University

  • University Logo on all WCCC web sites as a University or College which is supporting Climate Change Education for young people from Developing Countries & Small Island States for four years

  • The WCCC will promote all Participating Universities & Colleges to the Governments of the more than 100 Developing Countries whose young people will be beneficiaries of the WCCC Scholarship Program

Project Timeline

The WCCC has already submitted the first WCCCSP to the Green Climate Fund for funding consideration for student s to attend classes in 2017-18. Each month another 20 Developing Countries will be added to the program. The WCCCS will provide scholarships for students to commence their studies in 2017, 18, 19, 20 or 21.

The Green Climate Fund (GCF)

The United Nations Green Climate Fund (GCF) has been established with pledges from Developed Countries to help Developing Countries and Small Island States mitigate and adapt to climate change over the coming decades by providing grants and concessional loans.

So far USD10.5 billion has been pledged and it is expected by 2020 more than USD100 billion / year will be pledged by developed countries.

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