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Consists of,

  • Sustainable Technologies Providers which are keen to incorporate their energy, storage, water, waste, recycling,lighting, etc solution into Solar Villages around the world.

  • National Governments, Construction Companies, Property Developers & Town Planners of countries, keen to duplicate the Solar Village in their nation.

  • Global & National Development Organizations which are keen to assist governments implement innovative, sustainable community development projects.


All nations urgently require scores of Solar Farms to be constructed within their borders. However each Solar Farm takes up hundreds of hectares of valuable farming or residential land at a time when food production and housing for the poor, are major concerns for governments.

The WUHAN FANGKASI OFFSHORE solution is to integrate solar farms and low income housing into single Sustainable Solar Village Projects which can be built almost anywhere in the world which, 

  • Provide high quality affordable housing for low income families.

  • Generate affordable electricity for low income families and those trying to break the cycle of poverty through small business.

  • Sell excess electricity to the national grid to support a larger community.

  • Utilize specially designed flat concrete roofs atop hundreds of specially designed terraced style housing & commercial spaces to install highly productive and easy to maintain Solar Arrays.

  • Take up no more land /MW of solar generation that traditional ground mounted solar farms.

  • Can vary in size from a small community of 150 housing units with 1MW of solar generation on their roofs, to a small city of 15,000 housing units with 100MW of solar generation on their roofs.


Create a sustainable, safe living environment for all residents of each Solar Village by,

  • Creating spaces for light industries, businesses and retail, which will provide employment opportunities for residents.

  • Constructing all structures & solar arrays to be storm resistant and resilient should they be damaged

  • Community Permaculture farms in green spaces in close proximity to each precinct

  • Rainwater harvesting and grey water treatment facilities within each precinct.

  • Small scale solar Desalination Plants where necessary.

  •  Recycling Systems.


Technical innovations of the Solar Village will include,

  • State of the art energy storage

  • An integrated energy & solar array management system

  • Latest evolution of a DC Micro-Grid

  • Energy Efficient housing design and appliances




Vietnam has been selected to become the home of first Solar Village because of its dire need for more renewable energy projects, and its insatiable demand for low cost housing for low income workers.














It will also become the beta test site for all the innovative new Solar Village Technology & Sustainability Modules, including,

  • Numerous Solar Array variations

  • DC & AC micro grids

  • Energy Management Systems

  • Various energy storage technologies

  • Small wind generators

  • Rain Harvesting and water purification systems

  • Grey Water treatment plants

  • Solar Desalination plants

  • Recycling technologies + Waste to Energy

  • Community Permaculture

The first Solar Village will consist of,

  • Eight brick & concrete housing blocks, spread across 2 hectares of land, each containing 36 single storey homes & retail spaces of varying sizes and floor plans. In total there will be 288 homes and retail spaces.

  • Each Housing block will have a 275kw solar array mounted on its specially designed & engineered flat concrete roof. This will give the Solar Village a total solar generation capacity of 2.2MW.

SVDC Consortium Composition


SVDC Industry Members,  bring to the consortium specific expertise & technologies required to develop & integrate individual ‘Sustainability Modules’ necessary to create and sustain, a Holistic Sustainable Living & Working Environment’ within the Solar Village.

SVDC National Members, are SVDC’s linkages to individual nations, states, cities & communities which are keen to clearly understand the Solar Village model and its numerous integrated ‘Sustainable Modules’, so they are best positioned to work with Industry Members to duplicate the Holistic Sustainable Living & Working Environment’ of the Solar Village in their nation or city.

 SVDC International & National Development Organization Members, assist consortium members identify communities around the world which are in urgent need of Solar Villages to improve the lives of their low income families: and bring together key in-country partners to assist the roll out Solar Village Projects in-country.

Which Industries Should Join the SVDC




Only Industries which have Technologies or Solutions which can be developed & packaged as a 'Plug in Module' (PiM) ** for Solar Villages around the world, should consider joining the SVDC. (See list of Plug in Modules below)

Industry Member Activities



Each SVDC Industry Member works directly with the Solar Village Management Team to develop their unique, ‘Plug in Module’ (PiM) for Solar Villages, utilizing their technologies & methodologies.

‘Plug in Modules’ (PiMs) for the Solar Village will include,

  • Solar Array Solutions

  • Roof Top Mounting Systems

  • Solar Array Cleaning Technologies

  • Small Wind Generators

  • Energy Storage Systems

  • Energy Monitoring & Management Systems

  • Energy Metering & Billing Technologies 

  • AC & DC Micro Grid Technologies & Configurations

  • Interior & Exterior Lighting Solutions

  • Water Harvesting & Purification Technologies & Methodologies

  • Grey Water Treatment 

  • Small Scale Desalination Plants

  • Technologies which Utilizing Excess Energy Generation to Manufacture. eg. Hydrogen Production

  • Recycling Systems

  • Permaculture Solutions

  • Other Modules which Solution Providers or Manufacturers believe will further enhance the 'livability' of Solar Villages around the world. 


The Solar Village Management Team will where possible install a 'Beta Test Module' of each individual Industry Member's suggested PiM at the first Solar Village, which will become the 'Display Village' for all International & National Government Delegations to view the Holistic Sustainable Living & Working Environment’ of the 'Solar Village'.

** The management team of the Solar Village (SV) will work  with each SVDC Industry Member to package their suggest technology or solution into a Solar Village Plug in Module so as to ensure it will integrate seamlessly into all future Solar Villages.  The SV management team will also work with each SVDC Industry Member, on the installation of their PiM technology or solution into the Solar Village Display Center.

Objectives of SVDC Industry Members




There are a plethora of both financial & business upshots for Industry Members participating in the design & development of the ever evolving global standards & technologies required to build a truly sustainable,  global ‘Solar Village’ which can easily be duplicated almost anywhere in the world simply by selecting the appropriate  plug-in technologies & methodologies from the vast array of options members have jointly put forth.


These include,

  • Will where practical install each member’s technology at the first Solar Village, which is to be built in Vietnam and will become the International Display & Sales Center for Solar Villages globally.

  • SVDC management team will assist members identify potential agents for their products in each participating country.

  • Expect after year 2 multiple solar villages of various sizes, ranging from 300 residences & businesses with 2.5MW of solar generation, to 12,000 residences & businesses with 100MW to begin construction in various countries around the world each year.

  • Expect representatives from 25 countries to participate in the program in the first year.

  • A large Display Center will be constructed at first the Solar Village, which will display all member’s ‘Plug-in Modules,’ for SV the Solar Village,.

  • The Solar Village will become a high profile reference site for all members.

  • The Solar Village with all its ‘Plug-in Modules’ will be entered into numerous international awards programs

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