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Benefits of Joining the VREC

  • The Vietnamese Prime Minister has asked for an Energy Efficient & Renewable Energy solution. It is not being forced upon the government. Hence they are supportive of the VREC initiative.

  • No one renewable industry sector or company could provide a 40GW solution for the Vietnamese Government. However a consortium of Renewable Energy Companies could put up a meaningful Energy Plan for The Prime Minister to consider.

  • Vietnam has great, solar, wind, tidal, hydro, biomass, geo-thermal, etc, potential.

  • WCCC, the Administrator of the VREC, has been headquartered in Vietnam for 12 years. It has strong relationships within the business & government sectors of the Vietnamese economy.

  • The cost for a single, or even small group of Renewable Energy Companies to develop a 40Gw Renewable Energy Plan for Vietnam would cost millions of dollars in outlays & negotiations, without any surety of winning the contract. The VREC offers a very low cost way for small, medium & large sized renewable energy companies to submit a joint Renewable Energy Plan; while making money from installing smaller renewable energy generating systems in Provinces.

  • The VREC is constantly initiating new Energy Efficient, Renewable Energy, Water Purification & Desalination Projects in Vietnam.

  • The VREC drafts & submits Pre-feasibility Studies to potential Climate Change Funders for grants to undertake Project Feasibility Studies of Renewable Energy.

  • Only VREC Members can bid to undertake Project Feasibility Studies which the VREC has gain a grant for.

  • Only VREC Members can bid to undertake a Project which the VREC has completed a Feasibility Study on.

  • VREC can represent Industry Members at government meetings they are unable to attend.

  • VREC can make project presentations on behalf of Industry Members to Provisional Governments.

  • VREC can negotiate & obtain MOU’s on behalf of Industry Members :between themselves & Provisional Governments.

  • VREC can open doors to many new streams of finance for RE projects.

  • The WCCC has extensive experience in finding funding for Climate Change Projects in Developing Countries.

  • Vietnam has a population of 95 million, the highest GDP growth rate of all of Asia, & import tariffs that will be reduced to near ‘ZERO’% by 2017, surely making it one of the most attractive global locations for international RE companies.

  • VREC will gain considerable Tax incentives for each RE project.

  • VREC can provide members with local access to Vietnam Market research & government policy

Comprises international Renewable Energy & Energy Efficient Manufacturers, Distributors, Operators, Consultants, etc, who are keen to bring their products & services to Vietnam, to assist the nation achieve its promised Green House Gas Emission cuts & improve the lives of the 95 million people living here
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