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Water Desalination & Purification

Climate Change is pushing water & food security further out of reach for many Developing Nations. In almost all provinces of Vietnam water & food are immeasurably more important to both the Government & community than the introduction of clean energy. Hence the best way to introduce clean energy initiatives to Provincial Governments is to demonstrate how they can deliver affordable water and food security.

The VREC is determined to introduce all renewable energy technologies including wind, geo-thermal, solar, waste to energy, wave, & biomass with a water purification or desalination component.


The areas of Vietnam which were most affected (as per map) by its worst drought in living memory all have good potential for at least one or more form of Renewable Energy Generation.

The greatest single cost for water purification & desalination is energy. And the greatest financial negative for the installation of renewable energy projects, is that there are hours each day where the national electricity grid may not want all the energy being generated by the renewable energy source. This excess energy is in most cases just given away.

The VREC intends to co-located Renewable Energy & water Purification or Desalination plants in each province. This will ensure there is no longer valuable renewable energy hours being wasted or given away. All energy will now be fully utilized either by the grid, or by the co-located water purification or desalination plant.

MED, MFD, RO, FO, ICP, etc for Desalination

There are numerous technologies utilized to Desalinate sea & brackish water. All are however energy intensive. For MED & MFD Desalination the VREC will utilize the run off hot water from Geo-thermal, Biomass & Waste to Energy plants, which will dramatically reduce the cost of desalination when utilizing these technologies.

For RO,FO, & ICP desalination the surplus energy from all forms of Renewable Energy Generation will be utilized to power the co-located desalination technology. This will also dramatically reduce the cost of desalination.

Water Purification

There are numerous water & waste water sources that need to be purified in every city & community. Groundwater, river water, sewage, hazardous wastes, etc. Not all need to be purified for human consumption. Some waste water sources, maybe just cleaned up enough for use in agriculture, while others will need even less cleaning if they are to be only utilized for forest irrigation.

However in every case, energy is the greatest cost for cleaning the water. The VREC will co-locate a variety of Water Purification Plants with appropriate renewable energy generators.

Government Acceptance of Co-located Water Purification & Desalination Plants

Most governments in the world today, including the government of Vietnam, view any type of energy generation as strictly a money making commercial operation. Renewable Energy projects are viewed in exactly the same light.

Water Purification & Desalination however are viewed as a public or community service which costs the government of each city & town a considerable amount of its budget each year. Hence when the VREC offers to deliver a much cheaper continuous supply of potable, & agriculture use water, governments will pay careful attention to what is being said.

The VREC Renewable Energy, Water Desalination/Purification co-location model, delivering water & food security to communities, will be quickly embraced and supported by all provincial governments of Vietnam. This will assist VREC Members to gain better, land, tax, & investment concessions. It will also dramatically speed up gaining the Investment Licenses, etc needed for each project.

Comprises international Renewable Energy & Energy Efficient Manufacturers, Distributors, Operators, Consultants, etc, who are keen to bring their products & services to Vietnam, to assist the nation achieve its promised Green House Gas Emission cuts & improve the lives of the 95 million people living here
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